The lost city

Stereosonic 2013
Photo taken at Stereosonic 2013

Cities have a powerful quality in simultaneously making one feel connected yet lost. The hustle and bussle can imply that one is a part of something larger. A vital organ in a large creature. Perhaps we are needed. Perhaps our input drives a small part of the mechanism we call life. Maybe we create the audiences that create the music, that create our culture.

Alternatively, are we merely detached beings, existing in a total state of flux, being pushed from side to side in a mosh pit? Sometimes this is the way I feel. No doubt the chances of our existence even being noticed is slim. I do feel dwarfed in cities. High rises paint dark shadows along the pavement. And yet, we come to cities to join in, and buy into this great belief in connection. A connection dominated by unknown neighbours, self-service checkouts, and silent bus rides home.

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