Election Blues

In no way do I claim to be a political aficionado. Quite the opposite. I have moderate political knowledge from growing up in a well-educated and interested household, and from my two years studying university level political science. I know a little. I do not, however, pretend to know the answer. This is what bugs me. My problem is with extreme political alliance with no understanding.

This morning I worked handing out flyers, no, not for a political party, but for a bowling alley. I should probably also mention that I was wearing a tiger onesie, so my ability to reveal any political advice was limited. Despite this, with the election fast approaching, it was the most common topic of conversation.

I would like to impart and enlighten you with the wisdom I was left with. It truly was remarkable.

1. “I’m voting for Abbott because he introduced gay marriage.” I don’t even know where to start with this gem. I laughed in response, which wasn’t taken too well. The lady then accused me of being ‘homosexual’. I have a feeling this wasn’t the word she was searching for.

2. “You look so young you must have no clue as who to vote for!” Exclaimed a gentlemen. I told him I was confused. I then asked who he thought I should vote for. He responded with, “Well, you’re obviously a kid, so you’re from a family, so vote for Howard. He’s for families like you.” I was so alarmed all I could respond with was, “I turned 21 last week”. He then asked me what I thought of Howard, when I said I thought I would vote for Obama. He looked very puzzled.

Brisbane, Brisbane, Brisbane. You never fail to disappoint.

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