21st Birthday Speech

It’s well accepted that a big part of a 21st celebration is the speech. It’s a time to reflect on the personality and experiences of the birthday gal/boy. It’s usually presented by both the parents and the best friend.

I’ve been fairly well acquainted with the concept in the last few months. In an effort to not send the guests to sleep, I wrote my dear friend a poem. In fear of her future employment I would like to take the time to say that many of these stories have received a small portion of exaggeration… or at least the part about Myspace. Enjoy!

21st Birthday Speech
21st Birthday Speech

Twas the last few weeks of good old year 9,
When I went for an interview at South Grafton High,
I sat in the office and with deputy, Rob Perl
And first heard word of his little girl

I rushed home excited, to start my new school
And checked my myspace, because that then was cool
Zoe Perl had messaged me suggesting we hang out,
And soon she became, someone I cannot live without

We had a blast at school, as the girls will remember,
That one time at schoolies, late in November
No matter how many lemonade chasers you do
17 vodkas will leave you covered in spew,

When she first moved to Brisbane and lived at CLV
Her exploits continued at the local Normanby
She met Alex, Morgan, Elisa, Erin, Mel
Emma, Kate, Yasmin and Shannen as well

Zoe’s always had great friends, like the Fairway Tourers
They went camping and swimming, throwing their fishing lures
Her bonds with Jess and Jarrad have always been strong,
From Brisbane or Canada, their friendship is lifelong.

To further her career in public relations,
She went to Sydney and was sick in a station
The Perls and McDougalls became her landlord,
Where she laughed and lived, and was truly adored.

You’re warm-hearted, quick-to-laugh, a beautiful girl,
And being so precious, we call you a pearl!
We can try and forgive your early bedtimes,
You stay up till 8, …well, sometimes!

Zoe Claire you are truly one of a kind.
So many memories spring to my mind!
But to keep it G-rated, I must stop here,
As your family disowning you is what I do fear!
So lets raise a glass to the girl who’s 21,
And all the great things she will do, and has done!

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