The beauty of graduation

There’s not often a time when you can see grown adults fighting back tears in front of large groups of people in a positive setting. Emotions are exposed only behind closed doors – shadowed by the fear of outside opinion. Graduations, however, are a time when emotions run wild.

Today my best friend graduated university. She donned the robs, shook hands with the Dean, and wore the silly hat. It was fabulous. Not only was it fabulous because she’s reached such a milestone, and I’m so proud of her it makes me fizz with excitement like a bottle of champagne, but because I experienced the raw outpouring of the emotion of joy, pride, and sheer happiness.

Her university friends and their families all met for dinner after the ceremony. A person from each family spoke about the amazing feat the graduates had achieved. This is where the true gift of graduation was visible. Fathers left speechless, lumps in their throats as they tried to express the overwhelming pride they feel. Tissues, hugs and giggles. Mothers pictured with exploding smiles, madly clicking cameras like they’re going out of fashion.
This is it. True pride.

Well done to my gorgeous graduate. I wish you well on the future. May our paths forever intertwine. Love you always.


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