The hilarity of fitness classes

Can we all just stop a moment, and accept the sheer hilarity of what is frequently accepted as normal human behaviour? Yes, I’m referring to fitness classes full of women in tight and bright clothing, a handful of dance-loving men, an overcompensating instructor, and shitty modern techno pop.

I’m a fan of fitness classes. I go to about 4 a week. What I find puzzling is the fact that I’m often the only one laughing! Where else can you find up to sixty people performing ‘jumping jacks’, ‘the irish fling’ or ‘the superman’ in perfect harmony perhaps from maybe North Korea? The comedic value in these classes is just phenomenal! Whatever science there is behind exercise and happy endorphins, I assure you that increasing your endorphins shoulder-to-shoulder with numerous other people kicking their legs to Kylie is like no other.


2 thoughts

    1. It’s a move where you have to jump to the side, kicking one leg out to the side and stretching your arms out like superman – ridiculous!
      I’ve been missing you Bec x

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