International Women’s Day and my Mum

‘Happy International Women’s Day!’ What a bittersweet thought this is. How depressing that in 2015, gender equality is still an issue that cripples individuals all over our planet, and yet how inspiring that there is an increasing thrust towards a world where women are viewed and treated equals.

Living in Australia I feel privileged. Privileged that I can walk home at night and not feel threatened. Privileged that my access to education is not defined by my biology. And privileged to know that I deserve this equality. Who’s responsible for this knowledge of mine? My mother.

So to one of the best people I know, my darling mother, thank for you teaching me to be proud of my body, to express myself creatively, to seek the best is all things, to enjoy difference, to be confident and independent, to stay humble when necessary, and to speak out against inequality. Your grace, modesty and unparalleled drive inspire me every day. And to all the other inspiring women that have mothered me throughout my life, I thank you and love you. Just as the author Diane Mariechild said, “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Together, let us epitomise the full circle.


One thought

  1. That’s lovely, Harriet – beautiful! Your Mum will be crying when she reads it. She deserves your accolades. Grandma xxxx

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