Australia’s Growing Fashion Industry

There’s a growing trend in Australia and it has nothing to do with coconut water or kale. Hair is the most recent trend within Brisbane’s hip youngsters. Women and men alike are growing their locks for fashion, and for politics.

LA to San Fran Travel Video

For a month before I started my student exchange at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I travelled the USA.

Here are my first two weeks:
LA –> getting flooded in Joshua Tree National Park –> camping at Lake Havasu –> hiking the Grand Canyon –> partying in Las Vegas –> roadtripping Route 66 –> sweating in Death Valley –> exploring Yosemite National Park –> and biking San Francisco.

Music: Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root

Compilation Reel

This semester at university I studied visual journalism, learning skills including reporting, presenting, cutting and editing vision, and correct vocal expression. Below is my final compilation reel. The video includes stories about changes to the pharmaceutical industry, and the death of religion. Enjoy!