My 2011, in 100 photographs

DSC05356 IMG_0142 IMG_0178 IMG_0216 IMG_0257 P1010381 P1010521 P1010727 P1020234 P1020328 P1020380 P1020415 P1020482 P1020974 P1030092 P1030362 P1030477 P1030504 P1030535 P1030848 P1040209 P1040373 P1040375 P1040595 P1050264 P1050273 P1050286 P1050326 P1050419 P1050459 P1050478 P1050545 P1060640 P1060771 P1060797 P1060827 P1060842 P1060895 P1070400 P1070412 P1070457 P1070513 P1070547 P1070828 P1080151 P1080254 P1080310 P1080520 P1080742 P1090049 P1090177 P1090316 P1090680 P1090901 P1100178 P1100307 P1100362 P1100484 P1100517 P1100664 P1100916 P1100956 P1110205 P1110307 P1110399 P1110544 P1110743 P1110748 P1110770 P1110926 P1110967 P1120071 P1120374 P1120767 P1120777 P1120861 P1120887 P1120933 P1120936 P1120953 P1120974 P1120990 P1130004 P1130090 P1130145 P1130168 P1130250 P1130251 P1130326 2 P1130326 P1130347 P1130668 P1130729 P1130972 P1140343 Screen shot 2011-07-09 at 5.04.50 PM Screen shot 2011-07-09 at 5.10.46 PM Screen shot 2011-07-09 at 5.11.28 PMIn 2011 I lived in Wickham, Hampshire, England, for 12 months. I volunteered in 2 boarding schools, Rookesbury Park School and Boundary Oak School, under the Lattitude Global Volunteering Program. During my stay I visited more than 20 European countries.