Sand: a thematic story


It protects our countries. It covers our deserts. It exists in almost every childhood photo album alongside slippery bottles of SPF sunscreen and wet saggy togs. Sand reminds us of warmth, of salty hair, and sweaty skin. So what is our emotional attachment? How do we think of this element, and if possible, how can it come to define our lives?

Watch, listen and read three stories that explore how sand changed peoples lives

Sand caused destruction

Jason KingsleyJason Kingsley was a 16 year-old boy with hair the colour of chocolate, and tan, sun-soaked skin.

Growing up in Grafton, NSW, Jason spent his summers in the nearby coastal town of Yamba. These were fond memories, until one day – one day when sand became his enemy.

Watch Jason's story here.

Sand helps people recoverMy sand play therapy artwork.

The third and final story this project will explore sand as a form of therapy. Julie-Ann Wood is a transpersonal life coach and counsellor. While she utilises regular counselling techniques like speech and text, Julie-Ann also uses sand. Simply, she is a a sand play therapist and uses sand to help people heal.

Listen to sand heal here.

Sand is my art

Dennis Massoud, sand scultporDennis Massoud has a very different opinion of sand. Rather than it slipping through his fingers, he’s got a firm grasp. Sand is his enabler. Sand is his art.

Dennis is a sand sculptor, a world champion sand sculptor, and his art has become a performance.

Read his story here.

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